Fast Burst Camera

Fast Burst Camera Lite 5.0.0

Burst shot photo capability


  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Takes shots very fast


  • gif creation does not always work

Very good

Fast Burst Camera Lite is a camera app that lets you take tons of shots back-to-back.

While newer devices have built-in burst shot functionality, older devices are lacking the ability to take a quick succession of photos. Fast Burst Camera Lite changes that by allowing you to take up to 30 pictures. Older devices are able to take 5-10 pictures per second.

Using Fast Burst Camera Lite is easy. After loading the app, you just have to hold down the picture button and watch as Fast Burst Camera Lite takes rapid-fire pictures. After finishing taking the photos, Fast Burst Camera Lite will save the individual images. You can view them in a collage or create a gif animated image from the store files.

It is a very easy to use camera app with a good amount of options, like picture quality and shoot interval. The resulting pictures may not all be in focus, but Fast Burst Camera Lite will at least allow you to select the best among the massive amount of images taken.

Fast Burst Camera Lite is a great app for photophiles who want to use burst capture.

Fast Burst Camera


Fast Burst Camera Lite 5.0.0

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